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MultiLotto India: Review of International Lottery Casino for Indian Players

✅ 65 Lotto’s

✅ 60 Slots

✅ 12 Banking Options


We now move on from casino bonuses and present an entirely different way of being entertained online. We turn our attention to the Indian market and provide readers with our MultiLotto India review. This is all about getting access to the biggest and best lotto games in the world.

Lottery gameplay is a very niche option and not a lot of traditional casinos online supply the game because they are usually run by the state. When they are made available online, scratch cards are a common site, bingo and keno games can make an appearance, but lotto games are so very rare. Will the MultiLotto online casino be the answer to all your lotto prayers?

MultiLotto India Review

Should you be playing your lotto online at MultiLotto? Can they supply the biggest games out there on the internet? Well, put it this way, you can access over SIXTY of the biggest known lotteries worldwide. Yes, OVER sixty, 60!

This platform gives you access to the incredible US Powerball which is worth BILLIONS. You also have the MegaMillions, this is one of the most popular and you can learn more about MegaMillions from this link.

You have an abundance of the the best lottery operators going from all over the world. Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Finland and Hong Kong, they are all here.

Our review will be presenting the full services and features of the site that have helped it to become a global platform for players. How does it fair for those based in India? Well, you’ll know more as we discuss the gaming, the banking, the mobile app and much more to help you understand the casinos and why it’s so good.

Worldwide Lotteries

We begin with a look at the lotteries and jackpots that are found inside the Multilotto casino. Which of all the 65 available lotto’s is the best lottery to play on MultiLotto? The simple and fair answer is all of them. They provide spectacular opportunities to win unimaginable fortunes.

If you want to buy lottery tickets at MultiLotto, then be prepared for your life to be changed should you win because the the best lottery to play doesn’t payout millions, it pays BILLIONS!!

Take a look at just some of the games you can play once you buy lottery tickets online at Multi Lotto Casino:

  • EuroJackpot
  • California SuperLotto
  • Canada Lotto
  • Gold Lottery
  • French Lotto
  • Euromillions
  • Viking Lotto
  • South Africa Powerball
  • Australia Powerball
  • Lotto2021

The results of each draw are kept online, and you will be given notification either by email or by the casino’s app should you win. The lottery game outcomes can obviously be watch live online via other platforms if you wish to see the events of your winning play out.

Playing on Mobile

The MultiLotto mobile app is free to download with links and a QR code provided by the site. The app is optional as you can still access the gaming site from your smartphone’s web browser.

Granted, the app will provide quick lottery access with faster banking, but you still have these same services and functions of the lottery betting site through any device as you would through the mobile app. It’s merely acts as you tiny lottery concierge service.

MultiLotto Online Casino

The Multi Lotto site provides more than just your epic lotto games. Inside is a casino feature that offers 60 slot machines developed by Relax Gaming and new developer Hacksaw.

Enjoy the experience of slot gaming and win yourself a handful of jackpots with these games if you’re not so lucky on the lotteries.

Slots are simple to play, and their huge appeal comes down to how cheap they are to play and how massive the returns are. Wagers on slot machine games can be as low as 0.10 coins, the jackpots can climb beyond the hundreds of thousands mark.

There are many games to explore. Enter worlds of ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, horror and space. It’s all here to enjoy. Not only will there be slots, but there is also a supply of scratch card games to win from as well.

Here are some of the slot titles you can find inside the casino platform of Multilotto:

  • Templar Tumble™
  • Jupiter’s Choice™
  • Chaos Crew™
  • Money Train 2™
  • Emerald’s Infinity Reels™
  • Sherlock Bones™

So, is the casino of MultiLotto legal? Players from all over the world are legally able to access the site for a number of reasons. Yes, the casino is a legal platform that is licensed and registered in Malta. The company that operates the website is registered under account C 66 946 and the license of the casino itself is MGA B2C 338 2016, which was approved by the Malta Gaming Authority.

For players in India the casino is legal to join because it is a foreign site. Under the Gambling Act of 1867 and its updates since, no online services are permitted to be made by remote businesses. Therefore, access to online sites outside of India’s borders is the only legit way of gambling. There is no law that stops the access and use of such casinos. You can join, play, and win real rupee jackpots despite this casino not being in India in a physical sense.

MultiLotto Bonuses

Sign up and get your hands on the one-off offer that is only available to new registered members. The MultiLotto Bonus is a deposit bonus offering a 100% match cash return on your payment and a FREE Mega Millions lottery ticket. This is an incredible bonus, but it does come with terms and conditions.

Now, bonuses have a habit of changing over time, so this exact one may not be around by the time you sign up to play. If there is a new welcome bonus offered, then read the terms before using the offer.

MultiLotto Deposits

So, how can you pay to play these incredible online lotteries? To buy lottery tickets online, the casino supplies a number of reputable services that can support putting deposits and withdrawals in place.

As you will see from the table below, there are far more ways to make MultiLotto deposits than there are to withdraw. Make sure you can match at least one to help you put money into your account with the casino and withdraw it into your bank account.

Payment MethodDepositWithdraw
Diner Club International
Bank Transfer

When it comes to banking for Indian players it is at this stage that things become more awkward. The problems stem from no one other than the Reserve Bank of India. Despite gambling being legal, they will terminate transactions where there is casino involvement.

Why? Well, you pay the price for stopping money laundering. It is something that affects everyone. There are ways around this, however.

Players in India are strongly encouraged to get a new third party account and use an e-wallet service that can act as the go-between from bank to casino and back again.

By using an e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill, payments come with no data, it is pure anonymity. The RBI cannot cancel the transaction because it has passed through the e-wallet with comes with no data from where the payment came from.


We now reach the end of our MultiLotto review, so how is the site? Well, it’s definitely the best option for Indian players. It’s a casino and lottery service that has over 65 international games that you have the potential to win from. And winning with these games makes for life-changing events given they go way into the billion mark.

The casino isn’t overbearing, with 60 games you have something sweet and optional. There are scratch cards as well if you want to mix up the ways of entertaining yourself.

You can download the app and take the gaming with you on your mobile. But without, you can still access the same services via your browser.

If you love lotto games, then this is a site not to be missed but you have to absolutely get set up with an e-wallet if you want to take part. There is no other way to secure wins unless you have your e-wallet synched to your casino and bank accounts.

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